Monday, July 25


Hey there!
Seriously, it has been a significant three weeks since I last write a post. I have been tremendously occupied with  a lot of activities ranging from UKCAT test, writing personal statement, preparing for MABECS workshop, doing homework to fancy stuff like Bangsawan. Though I don't really fancy a theater, the opportunity to get involved in one of the biggest Garnet production excites me. It excites me, not because the fact that I love this sort of thing, but because of the bonding being build between all Garnet members batch 13.0, 13.5 and 14.0. This is indeed a great opportunity for me to know a great deal of people.

Anyway, I am very sleepy this morning. I want to go back to sleep after Subuh prayer but the fact that I am having class this morning prevents me from doing so and hence this post. I have nothing else to say about Bangsawan. All that I could conclude, it is really exciting and tiring.

Moving on,
I think maybe I should give a glimpse on my application cycle. Currently, I am in stage 1: writing personal statement (PS). I have started writing PS since holiday but only last two weeks, at college I am able to complete it. I have done several draft since then and I have encounter several experience. Let me share one for today so that you reader can make a note of it especially those who are also in the stage of writing PS.

Experience #1:
I have sent a copy of my first draft of personal statement to Mr Brookes, my history teacher. The reason for doing so is because I knew he is direct and insensitive so that I can get a picture of possible reaction by a British. Well, the reaction is he mad at me, not personally of course. He pointed out grammar mistakes I had made, and wrote a very long note at the back of my PS saying how I should structure my PS. This is his suggestion  Answer these three questions in three separate paragraphs and a make a very convincing direct statement out of it. The motive is not to impress but to communicate.

1. Why do you want to study ____ at university?
2. Why would you make a good student of _____?
3. What else can you offer the university?
 However, there are few problems with his suggestion that made me difficult to accept it at face value, though I did incorporated some of his suggestion in my latest PS and it sounds better. The problems arise not because the fact that he is a British or any sort of prejudice but because of contradiction from my own knowledge. I would clarify it in other post but let me just list the problems.
Here are the problems:
1. He is not quite experience in medical school application since he did not teach very much medical student (It's history after all. Most medical student-to-be don't take this.).
2. His comment seems very general. He put a blank instead of medicine which makes me assume that he is assuming that medical application process is just the same as other application. I'm not being prejudice but studying medicine is not just about studying medical sciences alone but involves working with people. It is rare for situation where a graduate from medical school become something other than doctor like a businessman, lawyer, or anything whereas for other courses like engineering, accounting, economics etc, it is common to see people working in the field that they haven't studied in university.
What I am saying is not to distrust him but just to limit the faith I am putting into him, in terms of PS of course. In terms of history, he is indeed a very good teacher. I think that is it for now. Until we meet again next time.

Dr SyafQ.92 - 4A* - (^-^) 私の文書を読んでくれてありがと。

Thursday, July 7

UKCAT mode. 今はUKCATの気分だ。

Hey there!
Today is a very special day for two things. First, it is my first time surfing internet from my iPhone by subscribing to celcom daily broadband. Secondly, I am in a very awkward position of seating by the stairs of Wisma UOA with everyone looking at me suspiciously because my entry into the University of Sheffield Malaysian Office has not yet being allowed-not until 9.00 am. But, I don't care. As long as I'm blogging, i'll be fine for now. Let us get back to business.

I think I'm ready. But at the same time still worried. Did my preparation enough for me to score a high marks for UKCAT? I'm not sure. All I have right now is the gut to believe in Allah and myself. It really is an aptitude test. There's not much a point 'kiasu'ing like hell but you can't even solve problems when the real thing happens. Therefore, i always Imagine a test to be like a real case. I had to undoubtedly face the unexpected, cope with panic, recognise the need to consider every aspects involved and most importantly solve the problems immediately as fast as I could. Soon after, I had to learn to bear the consequences of my action. That's the most important. I'm not denying the fact that it is essential to have a solid foundation and thorough preparation. That's how I train myself. That way I can enjoy my free time to the fullest without any regret.

That is it for now. I better get going. The test gong to start soon. All the best, Dr Syafiq! You can do it. :p

Dr SyafQ.92 - 4A* - (^-^) 私の文書を読んでくれてありがと。