Sunday, January 8

The opening to 2012

Hello there!
I am terribly sorry for abandoning you. You know it is a tough time for me and I just want to be alone. However, things are becoming better for me. There are so many life-changing events in last December.I will try to write some once I feel like it because again this blog is a random post from me, right.

Anyway, I am back in college in the middle of tons of interview. The first one is interview with IUMC (Ireland University Medical Consortium) which I am going today! The next one would be this Wednesday which is the interview with Liverpool university.

I think that is it from me this morning. I will write more after I finish my interview...

Dr SyafQ.92 - 4A* - (^-^) 私の文書を読んでくれてありがと。