Friday, February 3

February mood

Hello there!
How are you guys feeling? Great? Alhamdulillah...
Well, I am feeling on top of the world today because Allah has given me the will to write in my lovely blog.

You know, these past few months are very difficult to me. I felt like being pushed on the brink of a mountain with nothing to hold on except my tiny two feet. Just imagine. You are standing at the very end of a very high cliff and you are constantly being pushed off the cliff. The only thing that you have to compose yourself is the fact that both of your feet is still touching the ground. In simple terms, a sense of insecurity. Anyway, after thinking it through, I am no longer in this stage of trying to get myself off the cliff but already in the air. (something like bungee jumping ... weeee)

And now the only thing that I could do is to just hope that there is some kind of safety net waiting for me down there. This is not something that sane people will be able to do easily because it is so difficult. This is when we should put our faith in Allah because Allah will never let his servant fall for nothing. There must be some kind of goodness waiting for us down there that we might not be able to see yet. Enough of the metaphors, let me get straight to the point.

Almost all of my close friend in KY have already got their first choice university and now the only thing that they have to worry is to get the required grades. Well, it is not a wise comparison to be made because they are not future medical student. Anyway, it does give me some kind of pressure. Not really!

I do realise that medics got their offer around late March. Therefore, I should not be worried so much. However, the thing that worries me is that some of my friend who applied to Aberdeen had already gotten their interview offers but not me. After sending an e-mail to the admission tutors, I felt very relieved because they haven't finish considering all the applicants. Meaning, they haven't rejected me yet. That is something to look forward to. Just as small hope as this is enough to make me feel better. That is me now. Maybe I should get a girlfriend now... haha... just kidding...

That is it for now. Have a good day everyone.
Dr SyafQ.92 - 4A* - (^-^) 私の文書を読んでくれてありがと。