Thursday, June 21

End of A-Level's reflection


Hello there!

This whole week, I have been attending many farewell events among those are MUSCOM Farewell Night (aka Wida'), Garnet Farewell Party, and Ms Madeline Farewell Tea Party.

I am going to leave KYUEM soon.
Although my time here is just 2 years, but I have tons of memories and learning points.
Studying in a boarding school, the question of 'ikhtilat' is not really a matter of concern because everyone understands it. You can easily take care of that. The environment in school also helps towards achieving that.

But going to KYUEM is indeed like going to a different environment. I would say it is a mini UK. You can get all sort of experience that you will most probably get in the UK though to a lesser extent. I think this is something that really taught me a lot.

With regards to food, in school, you don't really have to question people in order to know the authenticity of its 'halal'. But in college, you have to be very careful. In a way, it forces you to take a deeper look into the teachings of Islam to be absolutely sure about things.

It's not just about food but also 'ikhtilat', prayer times, activities being held and etc.

I learned how to balance between protecting my faith and getting along with the society.
I admit that I am not perfect and I am still in learning process.
However, one thing for sure, whatever approach you take to balance these issues, you can never apply it to your own environment.

To illustrate this, let me give you an example.

When I went to Aberdeen last December (it was roughly on December 2011), I heard from Zulikhwan, a senior from KYUEM who studied medicine in Aberdeen, that occasionally, medical students held events in bars and pubs. See. This is problematic to us right? How are you going to go about it? Are you not going to be alone and not joining with them? Initially, I was skeptical. I think it is better to just clearly say to them that I am a muslim and as a muslim, we don't go to places like these. It might sounds good but in terms of practical, it's not.

Considering that you are the minority, it is a good idea to get along with other medical students. However, I can't compromise my faith. So, what I think is that, before they ask me to join them in such events, what I think I will do is I will spend my lunch time eating with them and socialising while at the same time making clear my stand. If it is not compulsory to go to such places (i.e. you need to go to obtain credit hours or likewise), I would try my best to avoid it because I don't think I would be able to control myself.

I think, that is why, mutual understanding with friends is the crux of the matter. I need to gain trust and understanding from my fellow course mate before they ask me to do such thing so that I am not in the position that I could not say no. Thinking about it, I think this is very difficult. This is one of my struggles in UK later on. I will definitely utilize class time to socialize during day time and get along with them. It sounds so not practical, and on top of my introvert, this is perhaps the most difficult task for me. So, if you think I am out of limits, please remind me. Task at hand: overcome introvert, build understanding and trust among course-mates.

What I mean by not applying to your own environment is that it might be OK to sit and chat with girls in university openly (and I should keep in mind that this is wrong), I can never make it as a habit in my own environment. I have to keep reminding myself that it is wrong to do so but considering the ultimate aim, it is more important to foster these understandings. Nevertheless, I should make continuous attempt to correct this as time goes on. To do on my own, it is very difficult.

Problem solved? Not necessarily. I still have to find circle of friends that are able to continuously help me to be on straight path. This is where 'usrah' comes in. My stand is simple with respects to 'usrah'. It is a great medium for me to enhance my knowledge of Islam and practice Islam but it is not going to be my ultimate aim in UK. In other words, 'usrah' is a significant part of me but not as siginificant as my academics. It is a medium to teach Islam not a medium to force me to do something or embrace on some sort of political ideology or likewise. Everything is up to substantial consideration.

Done with this.
Moreover, experience in KYUEM taught me to question everything. Even Brother Shahkirit encourage us to continue questioning things. Of course, with regards to things beyond our ability like heavens, hells, satan, angel etc, extra careful must be in place so that our aqeedah will stay healthy. In the attempts to find the answers, you cannot simply use your logical thinking but you have to pursue the knowledge. Therefore, any approach to find answers to questions is not solely by logical thinking but through detail pursuit of knowledge.

It is never wrong to question things but it might be wrong if your approach is not right. The more you ask, the more confident you will be and don't rely on single person. The more people you ask, the more reliability it will be. It is best to refer back to Al-Quran and As-Sunnah.

That is how I am going to move on. Question things and find answers to them by meticulous study from reliable sources.

Anyway, I guess that is it for now.
May Allah bless us with His blessings!
Insya Allah.

Till we meet again!

Work smarter and harder! University life is so different than secondary school's life!
Operate outside your comfort zone to get the best out of yourself. 

P/S: I might continue writing about this tonight after my final End of Semester Dinner 2012.

Dr SyafQ.92 - 4A* - (^-^) 私の文書を読んでくれてありがと。

Saturday, June 16

What does actuary means to me?

안녕하세요 여러분!
Hello everyone!

I just finished my A-Level last Monday. Now, I am on leave for about 3 months. With respect to that, I think it is time for me to share my updates.

I have received a few offers to read medicine and actuarial science. After thinking about it carefully  and discussing with my parents, I believe that this is the best way forward for me.

You must be wondering what I am talking about right? Well, it is regarding my placement. I have decided to go to City University London to read Actuarial Science. This is where I am going to spend my next 3 years.

Well, I have received a lot of questions. Among them are as follow:

1. Why actuarial science? Aren't you passionate about medicine?
2. Why must City University London while in fact you got several other offers to read medicine elsewhere but UK?

Among all other offers that I received, this one offer from City University London is totally irresistible.

Firstly, it's actuarial science course is one of the best in UK.

Secondly, it offers 8 exemptions for Institute of Actuaries, UK. This is definitely a significant advantage in my journey to become a certified actuary.

Thirdly, City University London location is strategic that it is located near to the financial district of London hence giving me a lot of opportunity to meet and talk to great people in the world's biggest company. A good opportunity for me to learn how to mingle with business and financial community.

Fourthly, the offer from City University London has received a clear recognition from JPA that I will be able to maintain national scholarship. No more hassle.

Finally, two of my siblings had already embarked on their journey to become a doctor. Therefore, I guess it would be good if I could try something different.

With respect to the first question, most people were surprised because actuarial science is totally a difference  subject than medicine. But personally speaking, before I made up my mind to be a doctor, I first chose to be an actuary.
Therefore, it is not a question of lack of passion but largely a question of opportunity and which one I choose to take.

Deep within me, the love for medicine will always flourished but not to the extent of making it as a career. This does not mean that I don't have any passion for actuarial science but instead my passion for actuarial science is way higher than my passion for medicine. It is similar to my passion to other things like learning languages, reading and writing.

Something that I learned about myself these past few months is the fact that I have many passions and interest and this is burdening me. Passion, interest and love alone could not be an indicator of my choice of future career. Therefore, I look to opportunity in front of me and grab it while I can.

I guess that is it for now. Till we meet again. Bye!



Dr SyafQ.92 - 4A* - (^-^) 私の文書を読んでくれてありがと。

Syafiq's New Look

Hello everyone! How are you doing? it has been a while, isn't it?

Today, it is the 16th of June 2012. My blog has been idle for approximately 4 months now and the reason for that is simply because of my lack of time due to poor time management and a lot of unexpected occurrence. Anyway, I am back on track now. This time, I am going to alter my policy on this blog. Before, all I want from this little cute blog is just a little bit of space for me to be myself.

Now that I realised how powerful a blog is that it can contribute to sway people's mind especially to us young people, I decided that this is going to be a journal of my journey in this world to achieve my aims and goals. It is pretty much like what I did in form 1,2 and 3 and what Bobby Pendragon did for every little adventure that he encountered in his letter to Mark [if you read Pendragon, you'll know about this. I'm so sorry that I don't want to write about it here.]

Therefore, this new policy which I am going to call it "Syafiq's new look" (pretty much like Eisenhower's New Look and Khrushchev New Look), is going to resemble everything that happens in this blog. Moreover, this blog is also an attempt to document things that happened to me so that it can be useful later on.

My New Look consists of a few sets of rules as follow:

1. Unless there is a specific reference, all claim and statement is just merely my own opinion. So, it is always up to intelligent discussion. By intelligent I mean is that don't take it personally. Take it professionally.

2. I will try to write as frequent as possible but the period of my writing is ultimately dependent on my study. In other words, my first priority will always be study over this blog.

3. All writings are intended to be self-reflection and would most probably be based on some little readings. It might be a little bit biased or not representing the whole picture, but the main point is, this blog is a medium to make myself better each day.

OK now that I laid a foundation for writing this blog, I am going to commence it straight away.
Well then, that is it for now.
Till we meet again.

Dr SyafQ.92 - 4A* - (^-^) 私の文書を読んでくれてありがと。