Wednesday, November 6

Messy me.

One thing about me that I am so dying to write here is that when I am in the mood to write, I have like this burning desire to write on almost everything. My studies, my hobbies, my interest and all other things. However, one thing that keeps me thinking is that how can I make it more organised and easy to keep track of.

Well, it has not occurred to me before but after reading some blogs and website on the internet and look at how they structure the content as well as previous experience of watching lots of dramas, I thought I might as well organise my writing into series. It is not entirely clear yet and I am just too lazy to explain how it is going to work right here. So I am just going to do it whether you know it or don't.

It's a rambling. I know it and I purposely do it and probably more in the future because I now realised there is one thing that can helps reduce my writer's block. That one thing is to keep on writing no matter how silly it may have appear. So a piece of note, this blog is going to get even more messy.


Tail anchored proteins

Still an account on what I did yesterday. I attended a seminar entitled tail anchored protein given by Dr Rivka Isaacson at Kings College London. I don't quite understand what she is talking about because I don't learn in much details about integral membrane proteins. However, her research is very interesting. She is trying to solve the structures of various proteins. Due to the fact that I know nothing about GET pathways and all the related proteins in it, I become interested to know more about it.

I did a google search on tail anchored protein and there's no wikipedia page for it. Not yet I suppose. The only thing that  appears is loads of journals. So I stop and identify things that might interest me from her presentation.

The list of topics that I may want to research is as follow:

  1. tail anchored protein
  2. synthesis of tail anchored protein
  3. coding
  4. techniques to identify the structure of a protein like protein NMR
The main point here is that I want to document a website that I finds very interesting with regards to protein NMR.

Wish I had more time to go through this website and this topics in greater details but I have to prioritise stuff. In the future when I have the time, I can just go back to this post as a quick review of the topics and kick-start my readings.
Anyway, that is it for now.

Interviewing strangers

So yesterday, I have got a chance to participate in a fourth year student's project. I don't exactly know what the project is all about but there is one thing that I am sure of. That is she needs to interview as many people as possible regarding their awareness of role of pharmacist and pharmacy services available to them. The important thing to tell you here is not so much how my tiny little help helps her research but what it actually improves me if that makes sense.

I have to say that I am really glad that I signed up for this though it was a tough journey. To illustrate what I need to do in simple terms, I have to approach people most of which are strangers to me, ask them whether they can spare five minutes of their waiting time to take a quick survey. After that, I need to go through the survey with them, clarifying any points that they don't understand and wrap up everything.

At a glance, this seems so easy. However, when I was given the chance to do it myself, I feel terrified. Terrified about approaching strangers and get them to talk. The first two peoples that I interviewed was a nightmare. Not because they are bad people but because I am so nervous. Fortunately, these two peoples were very cooperative and supportive. It is nice to talk to them and it helps me break the ice in my head. I have become more confidence and a little bit more fearless.

Just when things start to go in the direction that I wanted to, everyone that I ask turned me down. Not their fault of course and I don't blame them. It hit me hard and makes me feel useless. At this point, I have to say that it is not just about being turned down but it is also about being looked down. Most people I interviewed tends to believe that the role of the pharmacist is just to count tablets and dispense medications. It is not a surprise because it is the doctor who did all the glamorous job that patients perceive. What they don't see is that in order to dispense the medications prescribed to patients safely the medications need to be first manufactured. Do doctors have a clue how a tablet is manufacture? None at all. Who got the credits? Doctors. Full stop.

Despite all these dramatic breakdown inside of me, I managed to slip in a few ideas that it is the pharmacist who ensure safe manufacture of medicines. Hopefully, it helps me build up my confidence on taking pharmacist seriously as a career because if a pharmacist himself don't believe in the profession, none will. This is probably not applicable to pharmacist in general because there is a lot of pharmacists or  future pharmacists that I know out there that take great pride in this profession. Hence, neither should I.

Another thing that I learn from this volunteering experience is that never to look down on people. They can surprise you with a lot of things that you might not expect. Keep that in mind. In your journey to reach the stars, don't ever look down on people that seems to be below you because you never know one day you are going to need them.

Anyway, this is just a post to capture my volunteering experiences and some personal feeling in the eye of documenting my life learning experience. I would also like to express my huge gratitude to two ladies that I have interviewed which are so adorable. They open up to me like I was someone close to them and made me feel warm. Thank you so much. I am so going to volunteer for team leader next year. Plus, I can put it on my CV. With that see you later. Hope that I can end my writer's block for good from now on even if I have to write something silly. Just bear with me.