Friday, February 7

Oh my. Exam is just around the corner.

Exam in the next 10 weeks. Oh my. Am i ready? I don't know. I should be. My utmost priority now should be preparing for the exams.

Ok. Lets handle it this way.
Go through lecture notes. Every bit of it. Identify unfamiliar concept and understand it. That is going to fill up my must list. Meanwhile, fill up want list. After going through all the must list then start going through want and wish list.

I have to be more drastic, more aggressive and more focused now. Remember I want to get first class again and possibly better marks this time. Hence start now.

So where to start. Go through lecture notes in sequence.

More details.
How do I do that more effectively?
1st: Skim the notes.
2nd: Capture important topics, subtopics.
3rd: Start going details as required in the lecture. Take note of stuff to memorise and update want and wish list as I go along.

Differentiate between background readings, facts and explanation.
Capture only the facts.

Review progress every three days.

Oh wait. I've outlined things that I would like to do in the previous post but it seems that I don't follow it.

Hands up. Guilty as charged.

When I was writing that post, I was being optimistic and not so realistic. A few important points that I haven't consider, writer writes when they feel like it. Pressure would not work at least not for me. But I have to meet deadlines if not now in my future writing career? Well, that is where writer's pool coming in handy. Just write anything into the pool and when you are having troubles finding inspiration, look at them, improvise them and finally published it. Not quite related aren’t they. What I mean is that at the moment write everything into the writer’s pool and only complete it when I have time. With regards to deadline, after I have gone through my exams the things that I would like to share will come in series. So that it will be more organised.

Also, I have always wanted to reorganise my blog into something that essentially more organised. In fact, although I did have some indication on what to write in this blog, I still lack clarity in terms of overall goal. Not that I don't have any. It's just very vague. Part of the objectives of this blog is to make myself clear of my life goals.

So as the sayings 'first things first' goes, I am going to rearrange my priorities.

1. Getting best marks in the exam.
Ok. I am freaking out. Earlier today I talked to my neighbours about exam preparation and course work. What's being converse is not important. What is more important than that is the fact that exam is just around the corner. 5 weeks more till classes are over and 10 weeks roughly to my first paper. Oh my. Even the thought of it makes me shiver. Well, not exactly. It is the wind blowing on my face while I type-walking. Yes. I am on my way home and no I am not crazy just at the brink of it at the thought of exam. Haha. Tonikaku (simply means anyway in Japanese), exam mode needs to be activated. 

2. Impressing my tutor
*Deep breath. Not to deep or else risk of being stopped breathing due to the action on stretch receptor which sends inhibitory impulses to the medulla.* I am so excited as my tutor has confirmed a place for me to work in his lab. Technically, I will be a guest researcher in his lab comes June. I will be working on synthetic chemistry. Not sure about the details of the work just yet. He said he will give more details nearing the dates. That is not important. For me the important bit is to impress him. How do I do that? I have no idea but I do know that I will be working with a few analytical instruments like NMR and mass spectroscopy. Essentially, excellent working knowledge of those instruments will be useful. Not to forget the project is all about organic chemistry here so I guess I have to revisit my favourite book, Clayden’s Organic Chemistry. In the long run, this is the career that I want to heavily involved in. Early exposure is essential for me to know if it is the right thing for me to do.

3. Enhancing my knowledge on the financial market.
I have been learning about the financial market bits and pieces but I still do not have a bigger picture of it. In order to build a complete understanding there are a few other things that I need to look into namely economics. At the moment I don’t have much time for this due to commitment to pharmacy study but I will get back to this more seriously in the summer. Hopefully, I will be able to slot some quality time to go through the stuff. One of the reason why understanding the financial market is very important to me is that I vision to be a billionaire in about 20 years. I think there are a lot of potential in the financial market especially in the area of islamic finance. At the moment, I don’t really know exactly what it all means but from my reading and from common sense, islamic finance is the next big thing although is not just about that. It is about obedient to Allah’s rule and guidance. The world we are living now based heavily in debt and I believe debt in the long term will eventually collapse. Look at what happen in the Eurozone recently. My argument is not so convincing as I have very limited knowledge of it but I have a hunch that with debt, problems will reemerged in different ways more than we can imagine and the impact of it is definitely very significant. Without a great understanding of how things work in the current world, how can I know what to improve right?

All other things not listed but is there in my wish list is not urgent to do at the moment. As time goes, I will reorganised my priorities. Anyway, I have safely reached home with a couple of weird gaze from people that I pass by along the way. Quite fun if there is a way to know what they are thinking of me. With this I humbly breach all the rules that I have put on myself and just let the time decides what I post here in my blog. Having said that, a bit of disclaimer all of my writing is done under some influences of my limbic system hence it may not be the most rational thing to do. Take anything from it at your own risk. With that I rest my case.